Crown Reduction & Thinning

Reducing the size of the crown is one of the best ways to manage the size of the tree so that you’re happy and so is the tree.

Reducing a tree to hard can put the tree under a lot of stress. causing epidermic growth, this is basically the trees self defense system of putting out new growth as fast and hard as possible, In turn making the tree more dense. this is counterproductive especially if you are wanting more light entering your property. In this process, less is definitely more.

Crown thinning, is a process that keeps the original trees structure and shape whilst removing branches within the canopy to allow for more light and air to pass through it.

The advantages of crown reductions & thinning

  • Remove unwanted weight
  • Increase sunlight
  • Reduced amount of debris/leaves falling
  • More aesthetically pleasing
  • Make the tree more balanced
  • Allowing wind flow through the canopy
  • Safety reasons

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