Deadwood Removal Services

Dead wooding is the removal of dead limbs and branches from a tree. Light deficiency, pests and disease damage to root damage are all part of a range of reasons why branches can die off.

Dead wooding should be carried out for safety reasons as dead limbs and branches will eventually decay and fall off. This process is usually slow but can be shortened by high winds and extremities of temperature. This is particularly important for tree overhanging roads, houses and public areas.

More benefits of deadwood removal

-A large amount of deadwood is not aesthetically pleasing. Removal will help to improve the overall balance of the tree. A lot of deadwood will prevent wind from blowing through the tree, which can result in damage, or even the total destruction, of the tree.

-Deadwood also reduces the tree’s capability to grow into its proper shape. If the deadwood blocks sunlight to much of the tree, then the tree will not grow into a beautiful and full shape.

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